Fast is an open-source CLI utility running on the Netflix service - it's the perfect tool for those who want to check download speeds in an easy way., a free, fast and simple tool that allows users to check their current download and upload speeds online with delay in its ad-free interface.

It uses Netflix's own servers to test, you can track if your ISP is slowing down your speed.

To do the testing, simply go to and you'll see your current internet download speed.


If you want to check the current internet speed on your Linux server from the command line, you can use the fast utility, a minimal zero dependency script written in Go, to test your internet speed from the terminal, which Works on - Netflix and works on Linux, Windows and Mac.

This speed testing tool is very simple and has no options.

To do this, download the binary for 64-bit systems to your home directory, set the runtime permission and run it directly from the terminal to test the speed of your server's internet connection.

wget -O fast  
chmod +x fast  
~$ wget -O fast
--2021-03-10 17:05:28--
Recognizes (  
Connection to (||:443... connection established.  
HTTP request sent. Waiting for reply... 302 Found  
Адрес: [переход]  
--2021-03-10 17:05:29--
Recognizes (,,, ...  
Connection to (||:443... connection established.  
HTTP-request sent. Waiting for response... 200 OK  
Length: 7038892 (6.7M) [application/octet-stream]  
Save to: "fast"  

fast 100%[===================>] 6.71M 2.84MB/s in 2.4s  

2021-03-10 17:05:31 (2.84 MB/s) - "fast" saved [7038892/7038892]  

When you run the utility, you will get a result like this:

-> 39.11 Mbps

You can also install it in the /usr/local/bin directory in any Linux distribution using the following commands.

sudo install fast_linux_amd64 /usr/local/bin/fast  

You can install Fast on any Linux distribution using snap (requires snapd to be installed on the system).

snap install fast  

If you have any further questions, you can always contact our support team via ticket system.

Updated March 11, 2021