Error pages inform visitors about problems when they try to access your site. Each problem has its own status code (for example, 404) and error page.

The web server (Apache) automatically provides basic error pages. But if necessary, you can create your own error page for any valid HTTP status code that starts with 4 or 5.

To set up an error page, go to "Advanced → Error Pages".


In the window that opens, you select the domain you want.


Below, you are given a list of the most common bugs and their complete list.


To change the appearance of the error code, click on its text name, and in the window that opens, make the desired changes.


Click "Save".

Now you need to connect this page in the configuration file .htaccess by adding the line:

ErrorDocument number_error  

An example of adding a 404 error:

ErrorDocument 404  


If you have any questions or problems during setup, please contact us for help via ticket system.

Updated March 15, 2024