To control your email disk space, go to "Email → Email Disk Usage "


This interface allows you to view all your mailboxes and delete old or large messages.

Select an account to edit from "Account "


*Mailbox Table

The mailbox table contains a list of mailboxes sorted by name, number of messages and disk usage.

  • Mailbox name - name of the mailbox.
  • Mailbox number - number of messages for the address or in the mailbox folder.
  • Disk usage** - The amount of disk usage for each address or mailbox used in bytes, KB, MB or GB.
  • Actions - actions available for the mailbox.

*Delete messages!

To delete messages, perform the following actions:

  • Press Manage to delete messages from your mailbox.

Select the delete option from the menu.

Press "Delete ".

Updated Jan. 2, 2019