With the help of these instructions you can: set up a technological or test domain on the VPS, see how your site opens from the server VPS without prescribing DNS server for the domain, set the jammer page by server IP address.

Default domain on ip in the "ISPmanager5" control panel

Log in to the control panel as the root user and go to "WWW domains ". Choose the domain, which should be assigned "by default " at the request by ip and press "Change "


In the window that opens, check the "Priority " option and confirm your changes with the "OK " button.


Default domain on ip in "VestaCP" control panel

The priority of selection when opening sites is set by the order of VirtualHost in the web server configuration.

This requires connecting to the server by ssh.

Properly change the configuration file of the web server which acts as the backend. The configuration file is generally located at: /home/user_name_in_panel/conf/web/httpd.conf. The configuration file is edited with any of the console text editors available to you (vim, nano, etc.). The first in the configuration list is VirtualHost and will be the default domain on the selected ip.


After making the edits, you must restart the relevant service or server for the changes to take effect.

If you have configuration difficulties or have additional questions, you can always contact our support team via ticket system.

Updated Jan. 18, 2021