The default email address is where all emails sent to inaccessible, non-existent, incorrectly typed email addresses under your domain will go

To access the settings, go to "Email → Default Address"


Select in "Send all unsent mail to the next domain" domain and set one of the options

"Delete email message while server is processing it by SMTP time, with error message"

  • You can change the default sender message (No Such User Here) to your own text.

"Forward to e-mail address"

  • Create a mailbox in cPanel to which emails will be forwarded.


Click on the "Advanced Options" link and you will see these options:

  • Direct your system account cPanel username.
  • Pass data to the program.
  • Cancel (not recommended).


If you have any questions or problems during setup, please contact us for help via ticket system.

Updated March 15, 2024