You can use Looking Glass-servers to check if the IP address of your server is available. You can find out the IP address of your server in Servers menu.

For example, on select the country from which you want to check the availability of the server. Let it be Russia. After that choose one of the servers, for example An example of checking the availability of our server is given below:

Router: Moscow
Command: traceroute inet as-number-lookup

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1 ( 32.766 ms ( 21.678 ms ( 21.699 ms
 2 ( 45.225 ms ( 44.416 ms ( 48.280 ms
 3 ( 46.138 ms ( 46.178 ms ( 43.832 ms
 4 ( 44.975 ms ( 49.570 ms ( 47.992 ms
 5 ( 46.332 ms 74.289 ms ( 66.967 ms
 6 ( [AS 13237] 61.079 ms ( [AS 13237] 48.270 ms 80.759 ms
 7 ( [AS 13237] 79.229 ms 85.829 ms 48.947 ms
 8 ( [AS 44066] 45.250 ms 48.231 ms 44.069 ms

Similarly, you can check the availability of your server. If you notice any availability problems, please write to our support and specify from which server and for which IP address you have checked availability. We will analyze and solve the problem immediately.

If the server is accessible from any Looking Glass server, but you still can not connect to it from your computer, you need to check the availability of your computer. First of all, determine your external IP address. This can be done by following these links:

Once you know your address, you can check its availability, and if you notice problems, contact your ISP's support and provide them with the results of the check.

Lists Looking Glass servers

You can also check your site's availability.

Updated Oct. 9, 2019