To install a new MySQL server, go to "Settings → Database Servers " and click Create.


If you choose a MySQL server type, you will be given the opportunity to choose an action for that server type

You can:

  • Connect an existing local or remote server

  • Install a new local MySQL server.


The following versions are currently supported:

  • MySQL 5.5
  • MySQL 5.6
  • MySQL 5.7
  • Mariadb 10.0
  • Mariadb 10.1
  • Mariadb 10.2
  • Mariadb 10.3

You will also need to specify the name of the future server, which will be displayed in the panel and specify a password for root access.

  • Please note that by default the new server will listen to ip and in order to make it accessible externally you will need to tick Remote access

In this case you will be able to choose the ip address which will be listening to the future server.
If you select, the server will listen to all possible sources.

If you want the new server to be used to install your APS scripts, check the Install APS checkbox.

In case none of your servers has the Install APS option selected, the local server will be used when installing the scripts, and if there is no local server either, the first one in the list will be used.

Once all the data is filled in, click Ok.

Updated Sept. 10, 2020