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**3.7. The Subscriber agrees not to use the provided services for: **

  • mass mailing (postal, mass links, e-mail marketing, etc.) messages of advertising character (SPAM) containing including links to resources which are placed on the operator's facilities;
  • scanning of ports of other servers connected to the Internet;
  • generation of targeted excessive traffic leading to the failure of other servers connected to the Internet.
  • Creating an increased load on the OPERATOR's network by purposeful unfair actions.
  • using VPS or virtual hosting services for any proxying/tunneling traffic from any services (including,, etc.)
  • placing phishing pages, pharma stores, dorwebs, torrent trackers and torrent clients.
  • placement on virtual hosting, virtual server or dedicated server resources "hack" topics, etc.
  • placement of game servers on VPS (PW, WoW, Lineage, etc.)
  • placement on a VPS or virtual hosting sites dedicated to online games (Minecraft, PW, WoW, Lineage, BK (Fight Club), etc.)
  • placement on VPS or shared hosting sites with streaming service video or audio
  • Placing sites dedicated to pyramid schemes, HYIPs, MLM, etc.
  • VPS hosting software for mining cryptocurrencies
  • placement of adult (erotic) sites on the virtual hostin
  • hosting sites dedicated to intimate services (including escort services)
  • accommodation of sites devoted to the sale of any intellectual information and documents (diplomas, driving licenses, medical certificates, passports, essays, books, certificates, insurance policies, etc.)
  • placement of "pirated", "warez" resources with active/passive links, online streaming, redirects, etc.
  • placement of resources to sell or discuss drugs, smoking mixes (all types), weapons
  • placing sites devoted to the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products (without a license)
  • accommodation on virtual hosting sites dedicated to the sale of infoproducts, advertising networks (CPA, RTB, bux'e etc.), TDS, redirects, etc
  • Placing online casinos (gambling) and everything related to gambling (including sites "mirrors", redirects, online betting on sports and not only, slot machines, etc., etc.)
Updated Aug. 1, 2018