"Your server is at risk. On December 1, 2016, support and updates have been discontinued due to the end of the ISPmanager 4 lifecycle. We recommend that you contact your provider to upgrade to the latest version."

As stated on official website, as of December 1, 2016, the release of updates related to critical vulnerabilities has been completely stopped, as well as any support, consulting and revision services.

  • This notification can be perceived as informational, it's up to you to switch to the new panel or not.

If you plan to switch to the new control panel ISPmanager5, then you should place a new order of the server and manually transfer your projects to it, as there is no automated migration from ISPmanager4 on ISPmanager5.

*The main differences between ISPmanager5 and ISPmanager4 are as follows

  • Simplified web-interface: the appearance of the control panel was completely redesigned, outdated options and features were removed;

  • Support for two interface modes: simple and expert, for beginners, where you will be prompted to enter only the required parameters, and for advanced users;

  • The use of setup wizards, which will help to make the initial setup, request the necessary data and create the required records;

  • An updated permission system that allows you to flexibly customize user access not only to functions, but also to individual form fields;

  • Installation of different PHP versions for different domains using the built-in PHP-selector;

  • We have taken into account many requests received from users of the previous version of ISPmanager.

Updated Aug. 2, 2023