Since 01.08.2019 Web Money system has changed its legal policy regarding maintenance of the ruble zone WMR are actually replaced by the national electronic currency of Russia - real rubles, although WM still indicates that WMP is the equivalent of ₽.

    In this regard:
    WMR ruble title signs are replaced with WMP.
    All R-wallets are replaced by a single P-wallet - 1 wallet per 1 account.
    As a result, the terms of service for Web Money foreign clients in the ruble zone have been changed.

    In the WM system for non-residents of the Russian Federation the following features are absent:

    • Automatic creation of a single P-wallet to replace all existing R-wallets.
    • Creation of P-purses in manual mode.
    • For some R-purses a transition period was introduced - this concerned:

      • Purses of Russians with large amounts of funds.
      • Wallets of non-residents with any amount of funds.

    At the same time:
    There is no possibility of transferring from P-wallet to R-wallet.
    Since October 1, money from R-purses can only be withdrawn to ruble-denominated bank accounts, and only by submitting WMR funds to JSC NPO "Network Settlement Chamber" (NPO SRC) after the procedure of full identification.
    The main condition for the creation of a P-purse is the identification of the user through KKB Bank JSC.
    It now has only two levels in relation to the ruble:

    Simplified identification - only for citizens of the Russian Federation.
    Full identification - for citizens and non-residents of the Russian Federation.

    Simplified identification necessarily requires a Russian passport and TIN (or SNILS), i.e. even for resident foreigners (with a permanent residence permit in Russia) the simplified option of getting a P-wallet is closed.
    Non-residents have the right to receive a P-wallet only if they are fully identified.
    Non-residents require full identification to get a P-wallet. Data of identification for Initial, Personal and other levels of WM certificates are not accepted.
    Full re-certification of all non-residents is required, regardless of their certificate. In fact, this means the cancellation of the existing certification for WMP all non-residents of the Russian Federation.

    In accordance with the provisions of Federal Law № 161, non-residents of Russia, who are the users of ruble-based WM zone, are required to re-negotiate an agreement for the servicing of R-purse, which will account for non-personalized electronic means of payment, and not electronic checks to bearer, as they do nowadays. The consequences of such a procedure are not yet known exactly, but it is expected a sharp narrowing of opportunities for transactions in the ruble zone.

    Non-residents may pass this re-certification-re-examination only conditionally, as it concerns only those who can carry out the procedure in person. The identification itself is carried out by the Conservative Commercial Bank "KKB" JSC.

    P-Wallet webmani for foreigners.
    It is almost impossible for non-residents of Russia to create a P-purse in WebMoney Transfer online.
    "In accordance with the 161-FZ "On the national payment system" for non-citizens of the Russian Federation will not automatically create P-wallets and transfer funds. Non-citizens of the Russian Federation will be proposed to renegotiate an agreement for R-purse service, which will take into account non-personalized electronic means of payment and not electronic cheques, as they do now"