Hestia CP is one of the most popular, simple and convenient panels for site management, with its help you can add new sites, work with mail and databases, Cron, updates, file manager, ability to add SSL .


Log in to the control panel as admin user.

Let's say we have 2 IPs:  

Go to menu WEB → Domains.


In the admin account create a domain, which you will have by default, for example example example.com.

Go to DNS. Create a domain name and specify a primary IP.


Click Add DNS record and create two NS records.

Record : ns1  
Type: A  
IP or Value: (i.e. main server ip)  

Do the second NS in the same way

Record : ns2  
IP or Value: (your extra ip)  


At the domain registrar, write the following data for your domain: example.com.

NS1 ns1.example.com IP  
NS2 ns2.example.com IP  

After this you can write in all domains as in the panel and at the registrar:


If you have difficulty setting up or have additional questions, you can always contact our support team via ticket system.

Updated Oct. 20, 2022