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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions When Ordering a VPN

4 years, 5 months

Log management with LogRotate on Debian 9

How to manage Log files with Logrotate on Debian 9

2 years, 6 months

Configuring the caching parameter in Nginx

Server-side caching is set up to get rid of running the same scripts all the time, which can sometimes take a full second to execute.

4 years, 5 months

Installing the PageSpeed module for Nginx in CentOS 7

This is a guide to installing the PageSpeed module, which is designed to automatically optimize the site by reducing the time it takes for the site to load in the browser.

4 years, 5 months

The difference between Virtual Hosting, Virtual Server and Dedicated Server

Description of the main differences between the orders

3 years, 3 months

Checking CPU utilization with the top command

top (table of processes) is a console command that displays a list of processes running in the system and information about them. By default, it sorts them in real time by CPU load.

4 years, 5 months

Editing php.ini in VestaCP

Guide to configuring the php.ini configuration file in the Vesta control panel

2 years, 9 months

OpenDKIM + Postfix for Ubuntu

Postfix and OpenDKIM configuration instructions

3 years, 7 months

Connecting to memcached on shared hosting

Instructions on how to set up memcached access in popular CMS on shared hosting.

4 years

Mailbox in cPanel

Guidelines for creating and editing mailboxes in the cPanel control panel

4 years, 5 months

Alternative versions of PHP in ISPmanager 5

Guide to installing alternate versions of PHP in the ISPmanager5 control panel

4 years, 5 months

FTP accounts - creation via SSH

Guide to creating and configuring an ftp user using the SSH shell

4 years, 5 months

After installing SSL-certificate site is displayed incorrectly

How to correct incorrectly displayed site after installing SSL certificate

4 years, 5 months

Payment methods

Description of payment options when ordering Fornex.com services

4 years, 5 months

Installing Let's Encrypt SSL for ISPmanager5 control panel

Instructions on how to install an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt using the built-in plug-in in the ISPmanager5 control panel

4 years, 5 months

Changing the login link in ISPmanager

Guide to changing the link to log in to the server control panel

4 years, 5 months