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Examples of using the .htaccess configuration file

4 years, 5 months

Connecting to VPS via SSH from MacOS

Instructions for setting up an SSH connection to a server in MacOS

4 years, 2 months

How to switch to a new tariff

Guide to changing tariff plan

4 years, 5 months

Extended server management

Description of services included in the extended server management and monitoring service

4 years, 5 months

Disabling TLS/SSL in FileZilla

A guide to fixing a common error when connecting to a server using FileZilla

4 years, 5 months

Configuring static file caching via .htaccess

How to configure caching of static files using the .htaccess configuration file

4 years, 5 months

Installing the PageSpeed module for Nginx in Ubuntu 18.04

This is a guide to installing the PageSpeed module, which is designed to automatically optimize the site by reducing the time it takes for the site to load in the browser.

4 years, 5 months

DKIM and SPF in Vesta CP

Description of the mail authentication method that allows the recipient to verify that the email was really sent from the claimed domain

4 years, 5 months

Changing the main MySQL version on the server with ISPmanager5

Instructions to change the basic version of MySQL on the server with the ISPmanager control panel

2 years, 5 months

Blocking access to the site using a .htaccess file

Description of blocking access to the site using the .htaccess configuration file

4 years, 5 months

Caching static files in Nginx

A guide to configuring static file caching in the user's browser cache.

4 years, 5 months

RDP connection to Windows server via Chrome browser

How to connect to a server via RDP

3 years, 7 months

Backup in Vesta CP

Instructions on how to set up a backup in the Vesta control panel and a common mistake when restoring from a backup

4 years, 5 months

Using a VPN on a MI router

Instructions for setting up a VPN for Mi Wifi Router

1 year, 8 months

File manager in cPanel

Description of the File Manager in the cPanel control panel

4 years, 5 months

Setting up an IKEv2 VPN connection on iOS

How to set up an IKEv2 VPN connection on iOS

4 years, 5 months