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Moving the site to a new domain in the CMS WordPress

Description of the procedure to change the domain through sql queries in phpmyadmin in the CMS WordPress

4 years, 5 months

Changing the encoding of database tables

Guide to changing the database encoding

2 years, 5 months

Import/Export MySQL Database via SSH

Description of the procedure for importing and exporting the database via a secure SSH protocol

4 years, 5 months

Resetting the Bitrix admin panel password

Description of the procedure for resetting the password from the Bitrix admin panel using phpMyAdmin

4 years, 5 months

Installing SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt in Bitrix VM

How to install a free ssl certificate from Lets Encrypt in Bitrix

2 years, 4 months

Restarting the rdpclip service on Windows Server

Fixing the clipboard problem on Windows server

1 year, 5 months

Reset Drupal 8 admin panel password

Description of the procedure to reset the password from the admin panel of CMS Drupal 8 with phpMyAdmin

4 years, 5 months

Using Docker in Ubuntu 20.04

Instructions for Docker Community Edition (CE) in Ubuntu 20.04

2 years, 5 months

FTP access to the Virtual Server with Hestia CP

Setting up an FTP connection to a server using the Hestia control panel, using FileZilla as an example

1 year, 9 months


Creating and using your own php.ini file (suPHP)

4 years, 5 months

Domain transfer regulations to Reg.ru domain name registrar

Description of the domain transfer procedure

2 years, 7 months

How to change the root password in ISPmanager5 and via SSH

Guide on how to change the administrator password in the control panel and through the SSH shell

4 years, 5 months

Python extensions in ISPmanager5

Description of basic operations with the Python programming language in the server control panel

4 years, 5 months

How to transfer a domain from one account to another in REG.RU?

Description of domain transfer procedure between accounts

4 years, 2 months

Setting up an IKEv2 VPN connection on MacOS

Instructions for setting up an IKEv2 VPN connection on macOS

4 years, 5 months

Selecting the version of php in Hestia CP

Description of changing the version of php with the built-in module

1 year, 6 months